• Frequently Asked Questions

    The Tabadul Hub, established by ADX in collaboration with BHB, and then MSX joined them in the platform, it is a full-fledged execution management system that aims to provide a trading network between exchanges in the region and around the world.
    Securities on Tabadul are traded in the local currency of the respective exchange, and in some cases in the specified currency of traded asset, with no minimum amount required for orders.
    Any type of investor (individual or institutional) can trade in the securities listed on Tabadul Hub.
    Tabadul Hub involves only secondary market trading activities of the involved exchanges. Primary market activities, such as initial public openings or issues, are not in the scope of the Hub
    Investors will be recognized in the Hub by the local broker and verified from the local exchange. Once the exchange verifies the investor’s account, it will be able to follow trades by each investor and broker.
    • MSX:
        o Global Financial Securities.
        o United Securities.
    • ADX:
        o Al Dar Shares and Bonds Company.
        o BHM Capital Financial Services.
        o International Securities.
        o Al Ramz Capital L.L.C
    • BB:
        o Tradeline Securities.
        o SICO Financial Brokerage.
        o Gulf Securities.
    Three exchanges are on boarded to the Hub, which are ADX, BHB and MSX. In the next phase of the project, the plan is to add other exchanges.
    There is no minimum amount required for trading on Tabadul hub
    There is no additional fee for trading and onboarding via the Hub as an investors.
    Eligible brokers will be on boarded on the Hub without any required fees.
    All securities are traded in their local currency. Investors should be aware of different currencies while trading in a foreign exchange.
    All ADX securities available on Hub are traded in AED.
    All BB securities available on Hub are traded in BHD.
    All MSX securities available on Hub are traded in OMR.
    ADX – Monday to Friday 9:30 am – 3:00 pm GST (GMT +4)
    BHB – Sunday to Thursday 9.30 am – 1pm GST (GMT +3)
    MSX – Sunday to Thursday 9:00 AM – 2:15 PM GST (GMT +4)
    Note: The trading hours that mentioned above are according to the latest update, and all investors must follow any changes that may occur in the times through the official website of each market involved in the Hub.
    The settlement cycle follows the relevant exchange’s settlement rules.
    Settlement of fees occurs along with the trade’s settlement for ADX and BHB at the settlement date (T+2) meaning two working days, for MSX at the settlement date (T+3) meaning three working days.