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     Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get started?

    Dear Investor, before you decide to invest in Muscat Stock Exchange you should consider the following: * You should have a complete background about Stock Exchange processes in order to understand the mechanism of Stock Exchange Performance * Specify your investment objectives according to time periods (Long-term or short-term) * Follow up the financial data issued by public joint-stock companies or by MSX; this will help you more to choose the company you are going to invest in. * If you don’t understand financial data, consult who have the experience in this field. * Specify the alternatives and the available investments opportunities
    You should follow these procedures: Choose the company you want to invest in. Choose the intermediary who will manage and execute your investment processes, tell him about your investment Plan and your financial sources. Request the intermediary to provide you with the agreement or the investment management contract and authorization approved by the CMA plus any other relevant documents; study such papers carefully before signing any of them and keep copies of the documents you have signed. Inquire about all costs necessary for implementing your investment processes such as (broker’s commissions, portfolio management commission) Open an account, in your name, at Muscat Depository and Registration Company; remember that all your investments shall be registered in this account, so you have to provide the above mentioned company with all personal information required. Give your orders to the intermediary to execute the processes of purchase/sale, and do not forget to specify the share of the company you like to invest and the quantity you want to buy and the price you offer.
    Dear investor, when you give your orders to the intermediary for purchasing or selling, it is necessary to include the following data: * Full name(or the name of the company) * Your account number with Muscat Depositary and Registration Company. * Share of the company you like to invest in * Date of order: purchase or sale * Trend of the order * The number of shares you desire Overall value of sale/purchase * Performance Price: fixed price or market price * Validity period of the order Remember ,dear investor that your order to the intermediary, of purchase or sale in MSM, can be made by prices mentioned below, according to your decision and what you see suitable: Order at Market Price: It is the best sale/purchase price offered in the market as to the share you desire Order at fixed price: it is the price which the intermediary cannot exceed while performing any purchase/sale process. Remember that the speed of carrying out this kind of orders depends fundamentally, on the market.
    “ Dear investor, after the performance of each investment process by the intermediary for your interest, you should consider the following”: * Make sure that you got the original bill which observes the performance of the process by the intermediary. * Make sure of getting a receipt from the intermediary proving the payment of the purchased shares price. * Keep all documents related to the implemented processes * Always be careful to make sure, now and then, that your outstanding returns is sound , through getting shareholder ownership statement from Muscat Depository and Registration Company. * If there is any mistake at any of the documents relevant to your investment, with the intermediary or with Muscat Depository and Registration Company inform the manager of the company or the internal Auditor and make sure that the necessary corrections have been made.
    Dear investor, you can visit Muscat Depository & securities Registarion website , click the following address: https://csdoman.co.om/mdsrc/downloads.aspx

    What are your rights as investor?

    As soon as you become an investor with one of the Public Joint-stock Companies listed in MSX, there are rights granted for you by both The Capital Market Law and Commercial Companies Law. You should study these rights entirely. The following are some of them: * Attending the General Assembly of the company * Inquire, object or voting during the meetings * Look at the percentage of profit distribution. Obtaining the profits disclosed in the General Assembly * Priority to subscribe in a new name * Participating in the distribution of the assets of the company on liquidation * Requesting CMA to suspend the decisions of the General Assembly of the company if those decisions are not in the interest of the company or when they are for favor of a certain category of shareholders, conditioned that your shares and the shares of these who claim the suspension of these decisions must represent 50% at least of the total shares of the company * Resort commercial Court which decides the nullity of any decision taken by the General Assembly in violation to the law or to the provisions of the company’s articles of association * Getting copies of all your agreements with the intermediary * Obtaining complete information about charges, fees, and commissions related to your account.

    What is the information needed for my investments?

    There are some standards related to select the shares, that we advise you to know them very carefully before you decide to purchase the shares of any company, so that you can ensure the proceeds of your investments The following are some of these standards: * Size of the company * Annual and periodical performance of the company * Performance of the company compared to other companies in the same sector * Efficiency of the company’s productivity and its stability to compete * The way of running the company and reputation of the management * Share price * Percentage of the share price to the profit * Returns on the right of ownership * Turnover of the Company’s share * Standard of the fluctuation in the share price Dear investor, If you cannot analyzes and interpret the above mentioned standards, consult those who can do so and be careful to understand their meanings.