• Foreign Investments
    • Introductory
     Foreign Investment Introductory


    Incentives for foreign investment in Oman Capital Market: 


    • No restrictions on capital and profit transfers. Please refer to Income Tax Law here
    • No restrictions on exchange processes 
    • The convertibility of the Rial Omani and fixed exchange rate with US$.
    •  Law corporate profit tax.
    •  Foreign investors can invest in the shares of listed companies or investment Funds without prior permission.
    • There is independent regulatory and supervisory authority to organizing, monitoring, and supervising Muscat Securities Market to ensure the protection of investors.
    The advantage of investment in the Sultanate of Oman: 


    One of the most progressive countries in the Middle East, the Sultanate has worked at creating the right   climate for new investments by developing a free, competitive economy with equal opportunities for all, and shaping lows and regulations that encourage enterprise


    • Free economy system.
    • Political and economic stability.
    • Up to 100% foreign ownership.
    • No restriction capital and profit transfers.
    • No personal income tax
    • Provision of soft loans with low interest rates and easy payback periods.
    • Corporate tax holiday of up to 10 years.  
    • Export credit insurance through the Export Guarantee and Financing Agency.
    • Providing special law for foreign investment to protect the foreign investor’s right.  

            To view the Law, please click Here