• Getting Started


    Tabadul is established on the mutual market access model, enabling investors to trade directly on the on boarded exchanges through their local brokers. Tabadul is accessible to all investors who have registered with eligible local brokers and filled out the requisite KYC documents required by the local exchange in their country of residence.

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    Securities on Tabadul are traded in the local currency of the respective exchange, and in some cases in the specified currency of traded asset, with no minimum amount required for orders.

    Order entries on any on boarded exchange through Tabadul must follow the market rules of the respective exchange. Tabadul provides trading control to ensure that all incoming orders are compliant with the respective exchange’s market rules.

    Investors can trade on onboarded exchanges during the designated days and within trading hours. All investors must follow the respective capital markets official holidays and trading hours to trade securities accordingly.


    Investors can source market data through public websites including ADX, BHB and MSX websites.

    Stay up to date with the current markets by keeping an eye on Market Watch.