• Whistleblower
    Muscat Stock Exchange - represented by Market Surveillance Department - is keen to boost investor’s confidence and achieve fairness and transparency by improving the level of the surveillance performance and ensuring the compliance of all parties to the rules and regulations.Therefore, this whistleblowing service is launched with the aim of receiving:

    1. Any reports or notices related to the daily trading activity which exhibits a potential violation of the trading rules, or
    2. Any reports or notices related to listed companies-related news or rumors which are disseminated over various media channels, and are not disclosed in the MSX website disclosure portal.

    Subject to the following instructions:

    1. All details related to the observed case must be clearly mentioned,(e.g. the date and the place of the observation, and the people/ companies involved).
    2. All relevant documents and evidence must be uploaded to facilitate the revision and verification process.
    3. In case of reporting a non-disclosed news about a listed company, it is crucial to state the source of the news.
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       1. MSX is not obligated to provide any details about the procedures taken on the raised cases to the reporter.
       2. MSX is not obligated to investigate the reports that do not include sufficient details on the raised cases.