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    A Brief AboutTotal Return indices:


     Total Return Index depicts the changes in performance constituent companies by reflecting the stock prices along with the reinvestment of cash dividends declared by those companies.


    Index Objective


    MSXTR aims at allowing the investor to calculate the total return that could be gained by reinvesting the dividends it the investment portfolio.


    Index Methodology


    The Idea of the index depends on adding the amount of cash dividends declared by the company to the index at the record date, so that the index value is determined upon the amount of dividends added.


    Index Calculation Methodology


    Total Return Index is a value weighted index that accounts for the free floated shares, and has a ceiling cap of 10% for each company.


    Total Return Index Value =(Previous Day index level ∗ Market Cap"" )/(Previous Day Market Cap -Mass Dividend)


    Index Sample Constituents

    1- MSXTotal Return Index

    sample is similar to MSX30 sample, which consists of 30 companies. Those companies are considered to be the top in the market in terms of liquidity, profitability & Market Capitalization. Index reconstitution is done once a year, specifically in July.

    2- Sectorial Total Return indices:

    Muscat Stock Exchange has three sectorial total return indices; Financial TR Index, Industrial TR Index and Services TR Index. Those indices consist of the top 15 companies relative to their peers in terms of liquidity, profitability, and market cap. All of them are free float value-weighted indices and are capped at 10%. In addition, the method of calculating its points differs from other indices, as the equation includes the value of the distributed profits.

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